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I was ironing yesterday; which means I was also watching movies. And since Netflix I have a plethora of good, wholesome, faith filled movies at my disposal. And one of yesterday’s choices was The Moment After 2:The Awakening and it was good! A Parting Salutation used again and again caught my attention.

Be hidden in Christ

And so of course I looked to find the Scriptural basis for the phrase – I heard potential there and I was not disappointed.  And as you would expect I have begun to use it. 🙂

My beloved sent his customary email to let me know he had arrived to his office and he asked prayer for a productive day. My return email contained the requested prayer – here’s a portion: for his joy to be full – hidden in You Christ Jesus – hidden so no one can take it from him.

Colossians 3:

3 For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

via Col 3:3 NASB;CJB – For you have died and your life is – Bible Gateway.

At the conception of our rebirth our eternal life, our eternal destiny is HIDDEN in CHRIST JESUS — not to be taken from us. And yet as we sojourn this planet waiting for the adoption of our entire being there are many things we would do well to HIDE in CHRIST that others not take – no a truer word in this instance – that we not give those things away to others.

So I must ask myself (and you) what have we been giving away to others that we should be hiding in CHRIST JESUS? 

outcome of relationships?
outcome of medical conditions?

See what I mean? Those dreams, emotions, all things that make this sojourn holy and profitable — HIDE them in CHRIST – only there will they and we be safe, and yes profitable and productive.

In the movie, be hidden in Christ was an expression of hope, encouragement and love: Be hidden in Christ that the antichrist not find you.

It fits now too.

ABBA, thank You. Thank You for movies that give us messages and lessons based upon Your Word. I pray those movies will long do a work to give people an opportunity to hide themselves in You from the antichrists that are already here and the one yet to come.
Thank you for the good works being done with Jamie. Thank You for Your good will and purpose for her; and as we have been asked we pray that You will strengthen her; that her mobility will increase and that her ability to breath normally will be restored. And above all that, ABBA, I ask You to heal Jamie. To remove every trace of cancer within every cell of her body. And we pray for others. Dylan. his surgery is scheduled again for tomorrow and again we ask You for a textbook perfect procedure and recovery; for doctors and staff to be at their best, to catch and correct every abnormality from start to finish. Terri. remembering her and her family always, all the way through this chemo and all matters. Lance. and his rehab, rebuilding muscles and systems damaged and not just that but helps for family too – that their strength and his be meet for this day – that they be hidden in You LORD JESUS. And there are many Others and matters: Vikki. Ray. Leslie. Ray/Treva. Dori. Family. Friends. Weddings. Much, ABBA. Thank You for taking it all on and doing all things well, ABBA, in JESUS name we ask.

Facebook page Prayers for Jamie

Jamie Martin wrote:  I’m away from FB for a few days and come back to a whirlwind of blessings and prayers and smiles everywhere!! Thank you guys so much! Most of the updates will be from my family for now. For the next few days my focus is on staying up and moving and continuing to breath normally while doing so. That’s the hardest thing right now. Still on low amount of oxygen just to help me along the way. Surgery went exceptional. All things well in that department. Now just to get me breathing at a good level on my own with no help from a tank. We are slowly getting there. Once my lungs get healthier, we will then begin to focus on chemo. Spread the word about this page. It will be the easiest way to update everyone. Love and thanks to you all!!!!

via (2) Prayers For Jamie.

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