Sausage and Hash Browns

If you have been a Reader of The White Stone (IDOK Devotions) for a while you know my Life verses are Psalm 145:17 & 18.

17 Adonai is righteous in all his ways, full of grace in all he does.
18 Adonai is close to all who call on him, to all who sincerely call on him.

via Ps 145 CJB – Praise. By David: I will praise you to – Bible Gateway.

And as I was reading them just now I read the surrounding verses too.

Look at this:

15 The eyes of all are looking to you; you give them their food at the right time. 16 You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.

via Ps 145 CJB – Praise. By David: I will praise you to – Bible Gateway.

There’s a promise there. All those looking to ABBA, HE will give them their food at the right time. I’m believing that FOOD is more than just sausage and hash browns. I am believing that FOOD is EVERYTHING we need to NOURISH our body, soul and spirit. And, also, HE will give whatever is needed for body, soul and spirit On Time. Reminds me of a song. He’s an On Time GOD.  Hmm wonder if I could find a you tube of that song. 🙂

But there’s more. He has an open Hand. Did you see that? Our ABBA has an open Hand, NOT a clenched fist!! His Hand is open to satisfy us! So will we dare say to ourselves: if we are not satisfied, perhaps we have a clenched fist rather than an open hand to receive from His Open Hand.

Something to ponder.

Be Hidden in CHRIST,

I like this, ABBA. Thank You. You are GOD and You are ON TIME ALWAYS! That’s particularly important to this little girl who is often late. 🙂 I love You, ABBA. Thank You for being You. And for having perfect humor with us. Thank You that Jamie was at service last night at church. Thank You for what You are doing for her and I am asking You again to heal her in Your On Time time. And I am praying you will heal Terri and Lance too. And just now I am reminded again of Carol. I still don’t know just how to pray about her medical situation; even so I am bringing her again to You for help and for Your Will for her. Oh yes, and Rick the cancer is defeating his body, ABBA; I pray that even though his outward man is perishing that his inner man will prosper and be rich and in full health. I pray for peace and comfort for his beloved family and friends. And there are many other matters vying for attention in my prayer closet; I rest easy that You are privy to all and willing to handle it all, so I just ask HOLY SPIRIT that the wills of people will soften and bend; they need Your help to do that and that is my prayer that they will. And for each Reader who comes to this page, I pray for them too; I suspect if I knew I would find varied needs and seasons of life; but this I know, ABBA, whatever the need, whatever the season, whatever the fear or lack; YOU are the Provider; You are the solution, You are the Answer; I pray they will believe and receive in YESHUA’s Name. amen and amen.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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