Come Clean (11)

Abba, more and more corruption is being questioned and suspected to have been committed by the governmental bodies of America; I am concerned about it; I care about it. It is serious to me. I am here interceding and asking You to get all up in America’s corruption business; to expose and deal with the perpetrators, the conspirators, the enablers, those abetting and those refusing to tell the truth.  I know You are merciful; I know You do not desire any human to perish not even these I am bringing to You now.  For Your own Name sake I am asking You to pour out Your Holy Spirit of conviction and repentance. Neither do I want these people to perish; my spirit would soar with elation if they would come to repentance and come clean with You and we the people; yet they will never do this without Your mercy and grace; without Your convicting power upon them and so for this I am asking You to show Your Mighty Hand.

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