Love ’em & Leave ’em!

If you noticed in yesterday’s prayer I thanked Father for light and that light was from Isaiah 61.
Just a few words from the TEXT rocked my world, loosened some chains and I am believing freedom is coming!

1 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; . . .  source

The TEXT is speaking of YESHUA.
It is just one of the prophesies heralding His Mission here on planet earth.
However, that is not the ‘new’ light I’m talking about.

I am confident, it is not news to you that as JESUS returned to Heaven in His flesh and bone body after His resurrection that He through HOLY SPIRIT has anointed us with this same calling.
Albeit, we will never be perfect in this calling; we with HOLY SPIRIT can strive to be.

And with that let me share with you some good news!

because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek   source

Do you see it?

We have not been called, anointed, or sent to preach the good tidings to people who do not want to hear it!!

As we are traversing this planet and we interact with people and the conversation makes it clear we are speaking with a ‘meek’ soul; one whose heart  HOLY SPIRIT has already tendered; it is that dear and precious soul to whom we ‘preach’, share, discuss, demonstrate, whatever the holy means given to us, the GOOD TIDINGS of GREAT JOY: that YESHUA, JESUS the CHRIST died and arose to give them Eternal Life!
But there is a condition: they MUST repent. That is they must agree they NEED a Savior.
And my Friend ONLY one who has already been tendered by HOLY SPIRIT will be willing to listen to this GOOD NEWS.

So am I saying to hell with those unwilling to listen?
I’m just saying, don’t debate it.
Don’t argue with them.
Don’t beat them over the head with your Bible or your ‘righteousness’.
Love them and leave them!
Love them and LEAVE them (and pray for them!) to HOLY SPIRIT until they are ready to be LED to JESUS.

Say what you will but that’s LIGHT and FREEDOM to this Little JESUS Girl!

Be Hidden in CHRIST,

Father, Your little JESUS girl here thanks You! And I pray HOLY SPIRIT other Little JESUS Girls and Boys will get Your Revelation to them and will agree to be willing to carry Your LIGHT into this Dark World one voice at a time to one You have already prepared to hear. Thank You, LORD JESUS, for this most holy calling, this most wonderful privilege in all the world. Thank You. Tune our hearts, Father, to sing Your praise. Amen and amen.

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