Honest (again)



First, to each of you who came to the WOW Conference, thank you.  To each of you who prayed, wanting to be there but you could not, thank you.   As you can imagine, leaving here early Friday morning, conferencing Friday night and Saturday, coming home on Saturday afternoon (took a nap), Church on Sunday, and after service on Sunday night supper and to the couch for a silly movie with my beloved, I had not written a devotion for us for today.  So I came to ABBA and I wrote this to HIM: What shall I say to IDOK today?  They are waiting for a word from You through me.  Inspire me and write a Word of I love you to them today through me.  And with that I picked up my Breaking Free Day By Day, written by Beth Moore, of course, and for today found, in part, this: God’s Word is full of proclamations of His love for you.  He inscribed His love in His Word so you would never have to wait for a phone call. You can hear God tell you He loves you every single time you open His Word.

Sisters (and Brothers) I am not kidding, that’s what it says!  He hears, He loves, He cares and He has prepared this day for us long, long before we took our first breath from our mother’s wombs.  Oh how AWESOME He is!!  So this I know to say to us today: Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

Yes Jesus loves me

Yes Jesus loves me

Yes Jesus loves me

The Bible tells me so.

Yes, Jesus loves you

Yes Jesus loves you

Yes Jesus loves you

The Bible tells you so.

John 16:27 for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from God.  [source]

There it is written in His Word, for the Father Himself loves you.  ABBA, loves you.  ABBA loves me.  All day long He is loving us, always and forever.  Let us carry this in our thoughts this day and far into the night even to the laying of our heads on our pillows, remember JESUS loves you. AND this morning, not only have we read it, He has interacted with us, He has actively, on purpose entered into our experience this very day to make  sure we know He is listening, He cares and He answers prayer!

YOU are so Awesome!  I don’t have words to say how wonderful You are.  I am delighted with You and I dare believe You are even delighted with me and not just me but every child of Yours that dares believe it too.  I am sitting here just absolutely enjoying You; enjoying how fun You are; how attentive You are; how You never sleep, You are always awake and ready for us.  I pray the praise will go on and on, all day.  Even when I get on with this day, with breakfast and making the bed and reading to little ones and on and on as the day comes, I pray I will not forget to commune with You through it all.  I pray none of our IDOKS or Readers will forget to commune with You all day and into the night, even up until the time we go to sleep.  And there You will be watching over us.  Oh, my mind cannot comprehend how huge and awesome You are.  Thank You for loving us. Thank You for speaking, Thank You for allowing us the greatest of all pleasures in the universe – knowing, being loved by You and loving You back. 

So, DADDY, we bring all these written here for prayer. We come in one accord to praise You for caring, to praise You for hearing and loving and to trust You to do what is right and holy and best for each of these.  For the quick answers we are delighted; for the ones that take awhile to manifest we thank You for the opportunity to know You in this experience and for the courage and faith to wait and see You work the miracles. For our IDOK Troops we pray again for their safety and protection, for them to be a peace in hostile places; for them to love You, for their faith to be strong and for them to make holy decisions that are good for them and their comrades.  And, ABBA, as I put this to press, I pray for our IDOKs and our Readers for each one as this comes to their screen and as they read and as they pray that they will KNOW You love them and that You are worthy of their trust and that You will not forsake them or leave them this day, or ever. That in You we are victors and not victims.  I love you.  And I know You love me too.  Thank You. Thank You.  Amen and amen in the Holy and Mighty Name of Jesus.  And LORD one more thing, thank You for being just so fun!


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