Perhaps it is not a direct quote but I got the message listening to a sermon today given by Max Lucado. He said it is better to shake your fist at GOD than turn your back on Him.

GOD is big enough that He can take our anger. It is we who cannot handle it. So His Word to us is go ahead unload on Him. You doubt me?  Read it for yourself.

psalms 55: 23 (22) Unload your burden on Adonai,
and he will sustain you.
He will never permit
the righteous to be moved. 

When we are honest enough to unload our anger, hurt, pain, fear, doubts, questions, needs, wants – whatever it is – when we unload on Him with an honest heart, He will sustain us!

So. Next time a bad attitude sneaks up on you, unload it on ABBA with an honest heart and in His grace He will adjust that attitude and you will be delighted with the results.  What do you have to lose? Like Max said it is better to shake your fist, than turn your back and walk away from the GOD who loves you.

But for my part, [Adonai,]
I put my trust in you. 


I will put my trust in Adonai even when it is Adonai that has hurt my feelings because He didn’t do what I wanted when I wanted.

Thank You, ABBA. That was a good message today. HOLY SPIRIT, help me remember it especially when I need it most. Thank You, ABBA ADONAI, for loving us always and forever and always doing what is best for us. In JESUS name we give You praise and in His name and in our hearts we bring people for healing, for restoration and reconciliation. And for each Reader I ask strength and courage to trust You in all things. Amen and amen.