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Even though I am a day late The LOFT (Graphic by Kerry Messer) topic this week is Heroes. the-loftWe all have heroes, don’t we? And the ‘purists’ among us would say that JESUS is their Hero, don’t you imagine? In truth, He is the ONE above all to be honored, recognized and the One after Whom the world would be a better place if we patterned our lives. So purist that I am, 🙂  I’ll move on to a minor hero of mine. 

Actually, I have yet to personally meet my hero. I expect I will some day in a very special place – the Street there is made of gold. 

His name is George. George Muller (there should be 2 dots over that u). George departed this earth about 53 years before I was born; he having been born in the Kingdom of Prussia in 1805. I have read (click Here) that early on George was a scoundrel until he went to a Bible Study and JESUS transformed him. George’s Autobiography George Mullerdoesn’t dwell so much on his scoundrel days (at least I don’t remember that it does). What makes him one of my heroes is his life of prayer. The way he just believed GOD.  The way he just asked and ABBA answered – unlike anyone else I have ever known. Like I know George Muller, huh? Words, books – powerful tools! They help us know

I encourage you to use the link above and read more. Like the breakfast table prayer and the milk truck right on time. Like the fog, the Captain and Quebec prayer. And there is so much more. We could learn so much from the life of George Muller – his Hero was JESUS and no doubt still is. 🙂

There is a link attached to the picture of the book  (just click it) – in case you would like to get a copy. 

Day 288 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.



  • Oh, I love George Müller! He is one of my heros, too! He was a great man of God, with such a childlike faith. And has been one of the inspirations that have kept my husband and I going on the mission field here in Italy for the past 25 years. When it seems impossible, when the money’s all gone, when fear sets in…we think of these great men and women of God…our heros! Like George Müller! Thanks, Kathy, for the reminder to keep a chldlike faith!


  • Kathie, I’m so glad to see you at #TheLoft again this week (even though I’m late to the party). 🙂 I, too, love what I’ve read about George Muller – what faith! And what a testimony to the Lord’s providence for even the “least of these.” Hope to have you again this week!
    Jen 🙂


  • My pastor talked about George Mueller in a sermon a couple of weeks ago, and now I know I have to read and learn more about him, after seeing your post too. 🙂


  • I have not heard of George Muller, but I must check out his work! I think I am constantly aware that I should be praying to the Lord, rather than talking about Him – I should be talking too Him! Thank you for sharing this at The Loft 🙂


  • I have read a bit about George Mueller. I think I need to purchase the book and read it. He is definitely a hero of our faith. Thanks for the reminder.


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