As A Nation

Warning — Not Politically Correct Stand Going On Here. 

I have purposefully taken a low-key position in media venues for many months now as to political issues. However with some trepidation I am weighing in today.

Do we really as a Nation want a hedonist prone Supreme Court to bang their collective gavel and declare to the world that the United States of America hereby decrees and sanctions that that which GOD Himself has pronounced to be unholy, to be holy?

Humanity has been gifted with a free will. We daily choose our sins with or without the Supreme Court’s ruling, but have we considered what the consequences will be if this People, AS A NATION, from the Supreme Court declares another unholy act to be (lawful and) holy? Do we really want this Nation to say, Hey, GOD, You got it wrong! You are unenlightened, backward, unkind and stupid and we can decide for ourselves what is holy? So back off Buster, we are running this Nation the way we want and to hell with You and all those that choose to follow You. Is that what these now pending questions before the Supreme Court are about? Peel back the layers and I think you will find it is. 

12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, . . . via Psalm 33 NKJV;CJB - The Sovereignty of the LORD in Creation - Bible Gateway.

Is there space for repentance AS A NATION?  I don’t know. But intercessory prayer couldn’t hurt! 

Day 33 of 2015 – Any move of GOD begins with His people faithfully praying ~~~ Kathie