2 Thessalonians 

These were amazing people to me. They were a delight to Paul. He thanked GOD for them continually because they kept on trusting the LORD and kept on loving each other. In further verses we will learn they were continuing to trust and continuing to love even in the face of persecution. Amazing!

As Paul traveled he talked to others about them. Perhaps he gave them as examples of encouragement to other congregations.

Then in Verse 4. There it is.  persecutions and troubles you are going through

Verse 5He offers them comfort and counsel. Counsel to keep on walking in trust and love; keep your flesh at bay because GOD knows. He knows you are suffering. He is mindful of you. He will not forget. He WILL avenge. All your persecutors that do not repent will meet the fiery flame. But YOU. You will be rewarded. Great reward will come to you. 

10 On that Day, when he comes to be glorified by his holy people and admired by all who have trusted, you will be among them, because you trusted our witness to you. [source

Amazing people!

Thank You, ABBA, for Your Word preserved for us, alive today for us to encourage us. Help us too to continue trusting You, loving You and others till JESUS (YESHUA) comes.

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie 

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