I live in this place, in this time, in this Country for such a time as this. That’s what I got from the Text. Esther 4:14 for such a time as this.

Go on do what you do without fear the media says. Without the fear part I know is true. We are not built, wired, born, created – pick your word – to live in fear. Fear is crippling, paralyzing, tormenting, life-robbing – again pick your word.

Fear strikes and grips the soul. Hope moves a soul on from fear. Trust moves a soul on from fear. But from whom or what do we gather this hope? In whom or what do we place our trust? [Trust is a sacred thing – be careful where and in whom you place it.] 

Is there hope for our safety in the capabilities of the US Government? The FBI? Homeland Security? I am grateful for the work they do. I am grateful for their Presence; for their expertise; but that is not enough hope to assuage my fear.  

Trust? For sure. For sure trust in this same composite of fallible humans does not send fear from me. I must go higher. I must find someone infallible to trust to quiet my fear.

And you? What quiets your fear in the wake of the Paris slaughter, ISIS, thousands of refugees for sure containing ISIS terrorists coming to our towns, our cities, our restaurants, our houses of entertainment?

Do we stay home? Hunkered down? Is there enough firepower in our four walls to keep us safe? Gripping, isn’t it? Paralyzing. Isn’t it?

As I see it we have two response choices. One, defiance. Defiance that says I will not stand for this! I will not live in fear. I will carry on my life. I will continue as I have done before; I will go to work (or not as retirement may be), eat and sleep, go to the movies, shop, the same as always. Wonder how long same as always will hold it together for us?

Or two. Two, we can acknowledge and give thanks for the FBI, Homeland Security, all the Entities in place and then look above them to the One Infallible One. The One Who does not miss a detail. The One Who does not miss a sparrow that falls. [Matthew 10:29] And sparrows do fall! That does not mean He does not care. It means the curse of evil is still in place in this place – for now. It means we are called to work with GOD not against Him. Defiance will move us along but not in the safest direction.

So if not defiance, what? Surrender? Surrender to evil? NEVER. NEVER. NEVER!

Rather, surrender to the Lordship of the Infallible One. Does that mean sparrows will cease to fall? No. Not yet.

Surrender to dependence?

Yes. But not just any dependence. Not the dependence that just gives up and says there’s nothing I can do. I’ll just sit here and eat a worm. No!

Here’s truth: The more dependent a soul or a nation becomes on THE INFALLIBLE ONE the more independent that soul, that nation is.

Who is America dependent upon?
Read. Listen. Ask around. Seek the answer.

But more than that. Read. Listen. Ask until you can answer Who am I dependent upon?

The FBI? Homeland Security? Washington? The US Federal Government?

Or The Infallible One?

How’s your fear level now? Got questions? Email me and we’ll talk. I don’t have all the answers. But I have a few that will help. 🙂

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie


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