Day 35
331 days remaining after today.

Thursday is coming on strong and my screen is well blank so I have found another old post that seems good for today.

IDOK Devotion for Thursday, April 29, 2010 

Susie.  She’s our dog.   A yellow lab.  She’s nearly 8 and weighs in at about 90 pounds.  So she is no small dog and she’s as strong as an ox … well, perhaps not, but you get my drift.  Susie has the run of the back yard within the boundaries of a fence.  It’s a nice fence.  Made of three boards spanning about 3 feet top to bottom with American Wire attached to the boards on Susie’s side which prevents her from utilizing the space between the boards to escape the confines of the backyard.  However,  the boards and the wire are not the only things impeding Susie from leaving the back yard.  Actually, I have no doubt that Susie could easily scale that fence.  And I am equally certain she would be thrilled to be on the other side.  I know this because she will knock down a small child or mid-size woman to get out the gate when it is opened.  For this reason I do not open the gate.  Okay. Okay. I’ll get to my point.  Why does Susie remain in the back yard barring someone leaving the gate open?  Clearly she has the body strength and height to come over that fence.  So what’s holding Susie back?  Here’s what I think.  Susie does not KNOW she can jump/climb over that fence.

I think we are like Susie sometimes.  God has given us gifts, talents, skills and His own dear Presence to empower us, yet we stay in our comfort zones. We stay within the boundaries erected around us.  Boundaries that when we walk up to them, clearly we have the strength in Christ to get over them.  But we don’t.  Why not?  Could it be lack of knowledge?  And why don’t we know?  Have we not read the Scriptures?  Do we not well know, can we not all quote Philippians 4:13?  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. And what about Jeremiah 1:19″They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares the LORD. [source]

Is there something that God has put in your heart to do?  Are there some boundaries drawn around your heart, your life that He wants you to scale, to get to the other side of and yet you have not?  Be encouraged.  KNOW — no, BELIEVE.  Believe He in you is enough to do the thing and do it!

ABBA, this is another one of those I want to post right now.   One of those that I think, this is good!  This will ‘preach’. This will resonant with some people.  It’ll light up in someone’s heart and they will be encouraged.   That’s what I think.  And that’s what I am praying for now; that when it reaches the screens of our IDOKs and Readers, they will hear from You.  That You, Holy Spirit, will leap this off the ‘page’ and will encourage someone to BELIEVE You and do great things in Your Name in this world.  Even me, DADDY GOD, even me.   I still don’t know why You let me do this but I am so glad You do.  Thank You.

. . .  So many, so many needs, so many problems; but You are able.  Thank You for taking care of all these.  And, LORD, we ask and we ask and I know that’s okay because You told us to ask and yet in this moment I am thinking wouldn’t it be good to just visit with You and love on You and praise and appreciate You.  Like Beth said this morning just fellowship with You, meaning sometimes we just shut up and listen.  I really want to learn to do that.   So here I go petitioning again… teach us how.   And bless and keep safe our IDOK Troops and their families.   Love on our IDOKs and our Readers and best we know how we are listening in Jesus name.  Amen and amen.

Since the writing of this post in 2010 our Susie has passed away. img_5861We still miss her.

We love You, ABBA, thank You for loving us. Thank You for Your forever faithfulness to us. Your forever love for us. Your forever goodness to us. And, ABBA, thank You for puppy dogs that teach us lessons even now and for photographs. I love You , ABBA. 

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
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