Tickled Pink

Psalm 16

It’s been coming to mind since this morning.

If you would like to read it, click HERE.

Adonai, my assigned portion, my cup: you safeguard my share.

This one wraps me in security and comfort even though I search for words to properly and adequately describe it. My assigned portion, my cup; all that falls to me, the stuff of life, family, relationships, all of it He safeguards this for me. I don’t have to defend my stuff. I don’t even have to defend me!

Pleasant places were measured out for me; 
I am content with my heritage.

I am content with my heritage. Amazing! The penman of this passage was content with his heritage. Me too! Pleasant places were measured out for me. Does this mean I have no skeletons in my closet? Are you kidding?! The bones are rattling! But all that was before made the path for where I am. And I am more than content about that! I am tickled pink those skeletons and the pleasant places and the unpleasant places ALL pointed, directed and got me to JESUS! And HE has become my heritage! And my future!

Oh yeah I am lovin’ Psalm 16 and my ABBA Who had it penned for me!

For you too if you like. 🙂

GOD has made The Way ~ ~ ~ Kathie

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