Giving thanks for a pretty umbrella and a Baby Girl and Hubby who shared it with us.2016-11-06_16-23-25_776


Shields. They shield us from sun and rain and even keep the table cleaner we hope.

Sunday School.

Our lesson came from 2 Peter 1.  Click here for  a link to read.

Verse 4 says we have exceedingly great and precious promises and if we believe and rely on these exceedingly great and precious promises we have the greatest of all shields as we traverse this often hostile planet.


Verse 5 says we are to add virtue to our faith.  In preparation for the class I was led to an understanding of the word virtue that has given me cause for praise. So thankful!

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.   Just key it in. Virtue.

VIRTUE is nothing but voluntary obedience to truth.

Voluntary obedience to truth!

Does it get any better? We can have virtue y’all! All it takes is choosing to voluntarily obey the truth.

Bring on the virtue and when we see JESUS, He will surely say well done good and faithful servant.

So for what are you giving thanks today?