Monthly Archives: November 2016

Smells and Sounds


I’m thankful for every one I am able to take. I reminded myself of that very recently when I left the room without picking up what I went in there to get. And.


More specifically bacon on the grill.  2016-11-07_09-57-29_334-2016-11-07t17_27_55-974It smells like breakfast any time of day and memories.  Happy memories.
Now wait before you say – you! eating bacon 🙂 It’s preservative free!

The sound of the washing machine. Just think about what’s wrapped up in that privileged sound: water, power, clothes, health – all those resources and all that strength to dirty the clothes and to clean them!

The giving of thanks for ordinary things. It makes me know I am happy. 🙂


So for what are you giving thanks today? img_9558