More Than A Song?

The invitational song in part was ‘we cry holy, holy, holy is the Lamb’ and I stopped singing; questions were coming.

Do we? Do we cry holy, holy, holy is the Lamb with our walk as well as our singing? Does the day-to-day living I do cry holy, holy, holy is the Lamb? Do the places I go, or don’t get around to going, say He is holy to me? Do the movies I see, do the books (magazines, websites) I read, do the clothes I wear, do the foods I eat and the beverages I drink, do the thought trains I ride say He is holy, holy, holy to me?

It’s been a few hours now since we all left the church-house and I’m still pondering these questions.  And it seems to me these questions could quickly get a body sent to an accusatory corner with legalism ringing in her ears. How does one draw the line between legalism and carnality? And if we refuse to draw that line between the two can we really say, holy, holy, holy is the Lamb to me?

This is heavy! And it’s not easy to leave us on such a heavy note but the song does say He is full of mercy and love – – – and He is.

Keep Pursing Him ΑΩ

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