Praying for holy changes today in my Tribeyour Tribe, every Tribe.  

It’s a good prayer. It can be directed to cover a world of ground. 🙂

But let me bring this real close.  Intimate marital relationships. In the best of loves, busyness happens.  And I saw a prayer key today found in Romans 12. As the Apostle penned this message from the Father the target audience was brothers and sisters in the Messianic Community. What if we pull this in and let our target be the hubby (wife-y)? 

Romans 12: Let love be without hypocrisy—detesting what is evil, holding fast to the good. 10 Be tenderly devoted to one another in brotherly love; outdo one another in giving honor. 11 Do not be lagging in zeal; be fervent in spirit. Keep serving the Lord, 12 rejoicing in hope, enduring in distress, persisting in prayer, 13 contributing to the needs of the *kedoshim, extending hospitality.   source
(*saints NKJV)    (KT suggestion – *spouse)

Without a lot of elaboration can we get a vivid picture here? I see that word: brotherly. I have a thought on that:  ‘friendly’ affection produces friendlier 🙂 affection, does it not?  And for the purposes of this conversation that is more than alright, wouldn’t you agree?  

Did you notice that if you take the of busyness and make it an I the word becomes business. Perhaps we should make it our business to not let our marriages become so busy that ‘friendly’ affection disappears; for when it goes, friendlier affection will follow. Got it? 

Hence the prayer: I pray we both will be willing to prefer one another over all the distractions associated with day-to-day living; including, but not limited to, family, friends, media, work, and yes even the Church. Hope this helps.  I’m appreciating it but, I know practice is what really counts! 🙂


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