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A Few

I am confident you have heard the same definition of insanity as I have heard: continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result.

That fits this racism war. I am 68 years young. All my life here in America we have been doing the same thing expecting a different result regarding racism. We hate. We fight. We loot. We burn. We kill. We continually rehash generations gone; and today’s sins we plaster on every digital screen we can find: Network media, cable media, social media. Why?

It’s not working! We are not curing what ails us. And by these means, we never will. Racism will NEVER die in America this way. Not with protest – peaceful or violent. Not with media coverage. Not with more knowledge. Not with plastering our social media apps with the sins of we the people. It has not worked all these years and it will NEVER work. We will never bring peace, equality, and harmony this way. Because peace, equality, and harmony is not the goal – not for the majority. If it were, we’d have it already.

Hate lives deep. Its roots are balled in the heart of every racist of every shade. There is a cure. A few have found this cure. A few are living in peace, equality, and harmony. A few have met in the aisles of Walmart for the first time of varying shades from pale to dark and have laughed and hugged and prayed, looking forward to seeing one another again. Again and again, it happens. Day after day, year after year. The Cure works!

Racism dies when hate dies and hate dies when one by one, self dies to self and lives to Christ.

It’s a process and per our digital screens, hardly any of us have gotten on board. Honestly, I’m not looking to see folks lining up for The Cure. I’d like to but I’m a realist. It’s costly and few are willing to pay the price. But for those few who have and those who are now willing, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!



When our Little Ones start stretching, we feel the tightening and the pull; and when that stretching is sooner than expected, or sooner than provisions in hand – we hurt! We really hurt!

So let us pray.

Abba, we love  _____ so much but we don’t like this stretching that he/she is doing right now. We don’t like the unkindness of failed responses; the pulling away with a bite instead of a kiss. It feels so wrong and we believe it is. And it’s this way, You either care or You don’t – I believe You do.  You either love him/her more than we do, or You don’t – I believe You do. You will either intervene, go after and stay on him/her until they return, or You won’t – I believe You will. So we can either rest our comfort in You, or not – I am. In JESUS name I am. Thank You, Abba. Thank You.

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