Again – Mother’s Day

It will soon be Mother’s Day. 

I wrote a piece in 2012 and five years later it still works for my soul. Perhaps you will gain something from it too. 

Please follow this link – HERE – and be directed to the post entitled Momma.

And if you are game to read two in one sitting here’s an excerpt and a link to Pondering(s). It was written February 5, 2009 – just a few days post my Mother’s Home-going. 


When I made up the bed today, I remembered Momma and how she thought it was such a ‘high up’ bed and she would giggle and grunt as she climbed up into it. For a moment, I thought to be sad and even cry again but then my thoughts turned to how much giggling she is doing in Heaven. That she is seeing and experiencing much much greater fun than anything here. And that comforts me.

So, the prayers of the Saints are working. I am beginning to think less of me and what I am missing and am choosing to praise and give thanks to our God for what Momma is enjoying and that on a day certain I will see the glories of Heaven with her. To HIM be the Glory!

I got a perspective on a familiar verse of Scripture today. I don’t think I will ‘evangelize’ it but it felt good for me. 

Please click HERE to continue reading. 

Thank you for indulging me today.  

May the LORD comfort and strengthen you.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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