Many Things

North Korea. 
Abba, the man wants to kill people. He is craving the blood of people who have done him no harm. People whose faces he has never seen. Such evil comes from the enemy. This man it seems to me is either utterly deceived or he is given over to the Evil One. You know, Abba. I am asking You to stop this man; to stop him from killing more people. To stop him from this path he has set for himself. I pray he will not be allowed to do this evil he intends. My first desire for him is to be saved; for him to repent and love Jesus. If that will not be, if he will not allow that to be I pray You will render him harmless to the Nations. I pray China, South Korea, America and any Others will not mess up here. I pray we respond wisely and timely.
I am asking You to surround President Trump with wise people who have given their ears to You so they can advise him wisely. I pray he too will hear You and act accordingly. 
DACA. Honestly, forgive me if I am wrong and correct me, that does not seem to be an immediate need in light of North Korea. I think it does need addressing and I pray it will be wisely resolved as You will it to be.
Irma. A promise of more devastation for land and people in its path. Would You be willing to turn it back out to sea and let it die out there? I pray You will; but even if You don’t we will trust You to preserve lives and restore what winds and water take away. 
News Media. Abba, the News Medias, we cannot shut their mouths but we can stop our ears and I pray You will move Your people to do this. To turn off the Media, give them no audience to lie to and to manipulate. And would You raise up means to enlighten us to what is real in this world that You want us to pray over and put hands and feet to help and be a conduit of Your grace? 
People. Just in my small circle there are life altering and life ending illnesses and diseases in the bodies of people I care about. What do I pray? For pain relief? For healing? For confidence? For peace? For steady trust? Yes, all these things but mostly that You will be loved, adored and seen for the GOD of all comfort that You are. And for souls to be rescued from hell and the sick to be made whole.  
There is more but it is for these things I openly pray and ask that others will also petition You to move on these matters in the Name of Your Holy Son and our Savior Jesus.  amen and