20 So look, you will be silent and powerless to speak until the day these things happen, since you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their time.”  Luke TLV. — source

We have heard silence is golden and it often is I think. In the subject verse, I am helped and comforted to see it as protection.  If you read the preceding verses, and you may do that by clicking the link source, you will find Zachariah’s encounter with Gabriel. He came to Zachariah with a message from GOD! How awesome is that?! But Zachariah didn’t believe. It has been my experience when I have stepped into unbelief, I say words that would be better left unsaid. Words I soon regret. Words that wound myself, others and even cause others to question My Father’s Kingdom Grace upon me.

How full of Grace was The Father here to Zachariah! To close his mouth so he would not wound others with his unbelief. I hope this insight encourages and blesses someone as it has me. The Father surely watches over His word to perform it! (Jeremiah 1:11-13)

The protection of silence! I pray for it to be applied to my lips for the good of my hearers when I am so foolish to disbelieve GOD. 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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