Got It?

50 Yeshua tells him, “Go! Your son lives!”
The man believed the word that Yeshua said to him and started off source John 4

The man believed the word that Jesus said to him and started off! Here’s the picture. Yeshua is in Galilee. His ministry is young, He has given one named miracle so far – and folks are talking about it!

A Nobleman from Capernaum (about 16 miles ) from Cana came to see Jesus. Why? He had a son in Capernaum at the point of death and he had heard this Man was at least a miracle worker.  What do we know about this Nobelman? 

Warren Wiersbe says this (and more) of the man:
“Was this man a Jew or a Gentile? We do not know. Nor do we know his exact position in the government. He may have been a member of Herod’s court, but whatever his national or social standing, he was clearly at his wit’s end and desperately needed the help of the Savior. He “kept beseeching him” to travel to Capernaum to heal his son.”
source  Copyright © Warren W. Wiersbe. Generously provided by David C. Cook. See all the volumes in the BE Bible Study Series in the Bible Gateway Store.

If you follow the story and you can by clicking HERE, you know the child was healed the moment Yeshua said: “Go! Your son lives!”

And you know what is amazing?! The man went!! He had been asking Jesus to come to Capernaum but when Yeshua said Go, he went.
It’s the sign of belief! When Jesus speaks and we start off in the direction He said Go. That’s faith. Got it? Not often enough yet – but we are working on it!

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