Prayer. Thinking about it. And going to it.

Can we agree MUCH is hurtful, unfair, and just flat-out wrong in people; even the people we love?

I want to see transformations. I want to see forgiveness given and received. I want to see families healed and made whole. I want to see marriages lived in holiness – it’s the only way to be happy in them. I want babies (inside and outside the womb) and adults to be loved and valued for who they are – created in the image of GOD. I want people to speak the truth even when it hurts. I want people to hear what was spoken not what they feel was spoken. I want people to know there are absolutes and those absolutes are for our security and well-being. I want people to know no man, woman or child is an island. EVERYTHING we do affects/effects someone else and rarely is it only ONE somebody else; eventually it’s all of us. Have you heard of the Butterfly Affect?

So, I am praying: Abba, I want to help.  So I am asking You to make the changes in me that You can use to help others so we can all be transformed to people who live to please You and not ourselves.  

I dare say we all have people in our lives who we want THEM to change! It has been my experience and I am confident the Bible bears it out: the change we want in others begins with a change in US! 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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