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Wednesday Evening

Abba, I have heard more than enough today to not only make me afraid but to also cause me to be angry and want to tell a lot of people off. Stuff and people have been instruments of enticement to forget that these stories may not be accurate and these people may not be the lost causes or as beyond redemption as they seem to be. You know the who(s) I am talking about. And help me to not become so discouraged that I do no heavenly good while I am still on earth’s terrain. Please don’t let that happen. There may be some of my sisters and brothers who are as discouraged and anxious as I and I pray for us that we will hear You, Holy Spirit, and we will rejoice and embrace that since we are still here You are not finished with us; that we can still work through us to make Yourself known to those who do not know You. I pray You will create interest in the minds and souls of people who tonight as yet have no interest in You. They are captured by the things and trappings of this world order and they just don’t think You are relevant to them. Please forgive them; please have mercy and give them grace and space to change their minds and receive You. I pray to hear You and see the way through this Covid 19 without losing our souls. I pray for courage, for wisdom, for boldness and for evil to be beaten back. I pray You will raise up a people to storm the gates of hell and release the captives in YESHUA’s Mighty name.

The Cure

I saw a tweet. I saw a post. And to me both were inflammatory; yet, I think they were not meant to be. We the People are inflamed and we need no more fuel for the fire. Racism. It sells. It promotes. It hurts. It kills. And it is totally curable.

Abba, I pray for every person of every color and shade in this Country that is contributing to racism that You will confront them, convict them, and convince them to repent of this sin. It seems to me, and You know I want You to correct me every time I am wrong about anything, that racism has been with us too long. And it seems to me that what we humans have been doing is obviously not working to cool the flame. I see nothing on the human horizon that will douse the red hot tempers we witness nearly daily on media screens. But I have seen Your Ways and they work. Every time. You deliver people from racism. I have seen You do it. And it is so good! I want to see more. So I am asking You to make a way; open doors for us to do this thing Your way. This I know, Abba, You are the only way to heal a soul and cure them of racism and that is what I am asking You to do; one by one get all up in our mess, our business, our families, and our friends and heal us I pray in JESUS’ Holy and Mighty Name. 

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