A Fox and a Torch

Papa, the People of this world are crazier than a fox with a torch tied to his tail.
It’s yang yang this and yang yang that; the media feeds it and people eat it up like pigs eating slop. My soul is sick of it; how You put up with humanity is beyond my comprehension. I am grateful but at this moment I sure would like some rude awakenings to dawn.

I’d like to see some common sense but I know that would not be enough. It is so sorrowful to me that voices of holy reason are not as strong or plentiful as the voices of hate and rebellion and political correctness. It’s putrid.
Father, please help. Without Your intervention these fools are going to blow this place to bits and what of the children; not that they care about children since they have murdered them by the millions. It’s like sitting here watching my house burn to the ground with my hands tied. Please help. I suspect I am not Your only child who is in a similar state of soul.
We need Your encouragement and we need eyes of faith and anointed hands and feet to go to those who are willing to listen. I pray for that.
I pray for Your Bride to act like She is Your Bride and not a harlot. Please forgive us, revive us. Abba, I pray Your Word will be preached and believed SOON. Preachers of old preached about sin and hell and heaven; I have not heard that for a long while. It’s feel-good sermons these days – like how to make this life heaven on earth; well, Papa it’s not working it’s getting more hellish every day.
But You know this; I just needed to tell on them and now ask You to have mercy, forgive us, and please HOLY SPIRIT rain down on us not sprinkles or even showers but a steady outpouring of conviction and repentance. Thank You, Papa. Amen and amen in JESUS name.

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