Hot Buttons

Papa, I am thinking this
The reason the terms white privilege and police brutality are all over the media now is because the word racism no longer sufficiently whips up enough violence. White privilege and police brutality are now the hot buttons to stir hatred, and the agenda of the political machine. I think this continuous stream of hot button words are additionally used hoping to cower millions of people into shame and guilt for acts they did not commit nor for which they can atone or erase. I think brutality exists both within and beyond the organizations of law enforcement. I think corruption is abounding and I am afraid for this Nation.
if You know this is not true, please correct me and show me what is true. If any of this thinking is founded in truth I am asking You to intervene on our behalf. I know we as a people do not deserve Your mercy or grace but I am asking please grace us with Your intervention and with conviction and repentance I pray.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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