Let me Introduce You

Vancouver, Washington is many miles from my homeplace, and yet I am inclined to share with you an opportunity to be involved; perhaps only through prayer.

His name is Rey Reynolds and he recently entered the political arena. He is asking for the vote of the people in the 49th District. So, what does that matter to me as I do not live in his district; what does it matter to you? That depends. Whether or not you are fond of all the people of America. Whether we care or not who is governing everywhere in these 50 United States of America. Because who is governing each District, County, or State, of this Land determines how well (or not) we are United. And that matters to me.

This is Rey Reynolds.

Today I heard him speak via an interview with Heidi St. John at Get Off the Bench with Heidi St. John.  I access Heidi’s podcast at Spotify. You may also go to her webpage, menu button podcast, and locate today’s interview.

So, I am here to urge you to use this link to introduce yourself to him and determine if perhaps you would be inclined to pray for him and his family.


FATHER GOD, thank You for this introduction to Rey and his family via the internet. I appreciate the transformation You have worked. I appreciate the mission You have called him to and I appreciate all that You will yet do for, in and through him and his family. You know the uphill challenge that is before him and I am asking You for protection and guidance and every resource he needs to do this work. I pray for favor and for people to come alongside him to help him, encourage him, and give him success as he seeks to do Your will. And, Holy Spirit, I pray for prayer warriors to stand in the gap on his behalf and so I am asking for Your prompting to pray for him and his family and his campaign as You see fit in Yeshua’s name.


Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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