Let us pray.
Father GOD, thank You for the years of freedom and growing prosperity we the people of the United States of America have experienced. For a long, while now we have squandered much of both and still You have been gracious. We are seeing now what our sins have earned us and we now plead for grace and space to repent. Forgive us LORD and save us I pray. Not only have we Your children sinned and brought this disgrace upon us but now has arisen evil organizations powered and populated by people who hate You and Your Gospel and have vowed to destroy the people who love You and in order to do that even people who do not Know You are being killed and destroyed. I am asking You, Abba, to stop these organizations, to stop the people funding them and driving this evil. I am asking You to save us; have mercy on us and do not take Your Hand from us. Please pour out Your Spirit and bring revival and repentance to Your Church and salvation to the lost. Please stop these organizations birthed in hell by Your enemy and instead birth in us a holy reverence for You and Your Word I pray. Papa, I am scared for my people, they are lost and undone, they are following after evil with blinded eyes; please forgive them and awaken them to LIFE. Please, LORD, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.
And GOD’s people say amen.

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