Popping in just for a Saturday early evening hello.

We have internet again!!

Counting things out before the time.
I do that sometimes — do you?

We were weeks late setting out some tomato seedlings. So late that I planted one with no hope that it would survive. 
Poor thing it was genuinely pitiful looking — bent over, yellowed leaves. Like I said it was pitiful! But, I planted it anyway. 

Today it’s taller, green, standing, reaching for the sun and deepening its roots for nourishment. 

Perhaps you are smiling by now — I am. 

When we are bent over, tired, zapped — you know what I mean, don’t you?
The Son and the Water of His Word will surely perk us up — more than perk us up.

We will thrive and produce fruit! 

I better go stir the sloppy joes –  my Boys are hungry. 
Okay. So it’s not the healthiest meal but it is homemade and I used pasture-raised beef. 🙂

Rejoice and enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends. 

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