It’s a diabolical lie

At this typing, I’ve watched a little media coverage of the Hearings and I’ve read some Facebook feed.
It is not an easy task for me. It beats my soul to watch people gleefully sin.

Abortion is big on screens these days. To watch women scream and fight so hard, begging the government to continue to pat them on the head and tell them it is legally acceptable for them to kill their womb babies and call it reproductive healthcare is grueling to watch even for a few moments. To know there are millions of women lapping up the poison of the one who hates them like it is the nectar of righteousness is gut-wrenching for me.

Obviously, I can’t bear it without saying something. Even so, I am concerned these women may be in grave danger of a seared conscience and cannot be reached with the mere words of this woman. Only a revelation from GOD Himself will convince them of their states of deception and depravity. 

Their blood-thirsty cry is it’s my body.
It’s a diabolical lie and millions have gladly believed it.

Certainly, a woman’s body is involved in pregnancy. GOD designed it that way. But the body she kills during an abortion is not her body (although in some cases the woman does die from abortion complications), she kills her son or daughter when she chooses abortion.
Abortions are not hysterectomies.
Abortions are not cervical cancer removal.
Abortions are not uterine cancer removal.
Abortions are not tubal-ligations.
Abortions are not mastectomies.
Hysterectomies, cancer removal of every kind, breast removals, tubal-ligations are women’s healthcare procedures.
An abortion is not an attempt to treat the woman for disease or correct a malfunctioning cell operation within her tissues.
A Baby is not cancer.
A Baby is not a tumor.
A Baby is not an infection.
A Baby is a human being growing inside the GOD-ordained womb of MOTHERS.

Moreover, this is inconceivable to me; the same women who scream for their right or your right to snuff out the life of tiny, little boys and tiny, little girls, cry out for blood when fellow humans dare destroy turtle eggs, unborn puppies, kittens, whales, seals. But to them, humans in the womb, aren’t worth saving.  How God-less can you be?

If you believe that any man or woman should have the legal right to abort any baby you have been deceived and are endanger of the wrath of GOD. Don’t take my word for it. Read the Bible. Read it from Genesis to Revelation and see if you can find GOD saying it’s only tissue. Just rip it out of there.