Monthly Archives: October 2020

This is Amazing!

And would be knee-slapping funny if it were not serious. I am the woman who labors over my Facebook posts; carefully choosing the words and critiquing my own motives for posting and more times that you even need to know I delete them rather than posting them because I am not confident they would honor my FATHER. 

And now this.  When they start messing with a NOBODY like me, they are truly running scared. Keep praying Brothers and Sisters. Keep sharing the Gospel. Keep loving people even when they work really hard to keep you from loving them.


I Noticed a Notice

May I have your attention for a few words? Perhaps more than a few.

I have been reading a really good book this morning. Perhaps more on that later. I opened my Facebook account to share a picture of the book cover and to comment on my enjoyment in just the first 50 pages.  When the pic loaded I noticed a notice from Facebook.
Oddly, I’m not angry. I am saddened and I am alerted afresh and I think you should be too. Alerted to prayer. Alerted to seek The LORD. To seek HIM for how HE wants us to navigate these hostile waters which are swiftly rising. And y’all I don’t know how to swim.

Facebook Community labeled my post hate speech.
My post was a Scripture Pic that I made with my YouVersion App this morning from Galatians 3:1.
I added my own caption as well: O foolish Americans, who has bewitched you about FAITH and Fear and law and SPIRIT and GOOD and evil?

Upon review, Facebook has determined despite my objection that it is hate speech and they will not allow it to be seen on my Facebook feed. 

So, I decided to bring it to you here at The White Stone in hopes I might be able to alert you and encourage you to take even more seriously your study of Scripture; to love it, to hold it dear, and share it with others. You know and I know that Father’s Word is not hate speech but obviously others do not.  Let’s help them!