Sunday Morning Praying

Father GOD, You know better than I, yet just from what I can see, the people of this world have earned eternal damnation.
The wickedness and violence is abounding and we have heard of a planned increase of destruction, murder, and rioting is promised if We the People vote Biblically. Even so, Father, I pray for the fortitude to stand with You no matter what. I pray You will surprise the world’s people and let them know repentance is necessary or judgment and a wrath even they cannot imagine will be their wage. I do not look forward or desire hell for anyone, but, Father I am weary of the evil. I am weary of Sin and I ask You to please intervene. Save who will repent and please stop the rest from destroying America. Father, please encourage and make bold every son and daughter you have on this planet. I pray for JESUS NAME SAKE not a one of us will remain mediocre for Your Kingdom Work in this world. Amen and amen.

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