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I have to share with you. It comes from the Blog: The Sword and Spirit Writer. You may visit there and watch the video here. You are welcome. Please hang with me. If you check my history I don’t normally post this often but for now, until we get this Election Fraud adjudicated, I’ve got to do what I can to help. Please join me. In prayer and subscribing to The White Stone for email delivery. We cannot depend on Facebook to let us speak.

An excerpt from another blog offering at The Sword and Spirit Writer.

It’s not accident that the Lord raised up President Trump as a vessel (not a savior) for such a time as this. Christians who still don’t get it are not seeing things by the Spirit but by the flesh.

Praise the Lord God Almighty that a typical Christian wasn’t elected as President. Why? Because most Christians today don’t have what it takes to stand up to evil. They are too nice. Too much lamb. Not enough lion. Too much grace. Not enough justice.

President Trump is the exact, right person who won’t bow to evil and injustice as the lukewarm Christians in the church have with not only their silence but through making a covenant with satan through their vote for Biden. It’s an abomination in the eyes of the Lord to murder the unborn, and Biden’s party shamelessly supports slaughtering babies all the way up until birth.

The Lord needed a rough around the edges fighter like Trump for this season in our country who’s not afraid to kick butt and take names. A warrior. Not a wimp.

Make It Real

Someone dear to me said to me today, “if this fraudulent election stands, I will never vote again because the system is rigged and voting is a hoax.”
I agreed with him.
If this election stands and the Media places the man they want in office, the next election will be no different than this one. The Election System in America will be dead and so will be this Republic.
I don’t want this!

Now for some REAL News


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I am surprised to find mine is one of them.

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Before My Tea

First thing this morning after making my bed and even before a cup of tea, I read some words that brought me here.

“It is rooted in who God is.”  Roxanne ParksPicture from YouVersion

The writer was speaking of joy.
Joy. It’s different from happiness. We have been told that for years. Even so, it is still true.
So my joy today depends on me depending on who GOD IS rather than what has refused to go my way.
The writer also said:

“His joy supernaturally sustains our souls in seasons of heartache, injustice, and sorrow.”
Roxanne Parks

This is good for me today. I hope it is for you too.