Question Answered

I asked a question recently at my Facebook feed (in summary) if Christians should just let evil flourish. 
I am here with an answer. 

2 Thessalonians 2:5-8
1 John 3:8
Romans 8:9

There may be other passages but these helped me with the question. 

I heard a Minister of the Gospel say we are to stand against evil to prolong the time we can have to preach the Gospel of Salvation. Other than because GOD said so, that’s the best reason I’ve heard to date. 

We know from 2 Thessalonians 2:5-8 that HOLY SPIRIT restrains the Evil One from being fully revealed in this world and He restrains the rise of the Anti-Christ to power at this time. He will not always do that. 
From 1 John 3:8 I know that JESUS came to earth to destroy the works of the Devil, the Evil One. 
From Romans 8:9 I know that every SAVED person is indwelt by HOLY SPIRIT.

So, since HOLY SPIRIT is here to restrain the evil one; since JESUS came to destroy the works of the devil, and since all true Christians have HOLY SPIRIT living within us; it stands to reason that Christians must allow HOLY SPIRIT to resist and restrain evil in this world through us. 

So, what evil do we resist, restrain?
Every stinky form of it that is in this world.
However, HOLY SPIRIT provides us individually and collectively with a way to stand. 

This is a Happy!

I am 15 minutes into watching/listening to this as I bring it to you. I am beside myself with happy!! Please invest the time for yourself.

Holy Spirit, I am asking You to draw and encourage people to view and hear the message of this video. Father, my soul aches for people to know this information. Please help. And please use this tool to draw them to YOU above all else. 

Day 24

Day 24 of The Giving of Thanks

Hot Water.
Not the kind you get into for this or that but the free-flowing kind that washes away the grime of the day and soothes tired achy muscles – a hot shower. I have said one of the greatest blessings of living here in America is a hot shower. I am grateful for every hot shower I get to enjoy. Epson Salt baths too. 

And I am grateful for the Water of The Word. It washes the grime and soothes like nothing else. The Water of The Word is plentiful here in America. May it continue to be.

A few pics – no hot shower spigots available but I think you will enjoy these.