Day: November 7, 2020

Confession is Good for the soul

I am here to make a confession and a subsequent observation or opinion, one might say. I heard the most unpleasant announcement today. Some in my community of faith have made expressions of congratulations. I am not here to do that. It’s too early for that. I want a recount. More than a recount I

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Out of the Fox Den

Fox News. No more! If you need an alternative, and you do! I recommend You will find them online or you may subscribe and stream them to your TV.  Trump campaign won’t rest until US has honest vote count Yes, Mr. President! Do NOT give up on us. Keep fighting until the Courts hear! We

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I heard

I heard. I am still believing for a miracle and for redemption and salvation for America. I am still believing the fraud, the lies and the corruption will be exposed and justice will prevail. Keep praying. Do NOT give up hope and do not believe the lies of the enemy. Dig into Scripture. Keep some

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