I have something for you to read. I didn’t write it, so it’s really good.

Many are asking me to clarify what I meant in the last blog, where I wrote that we should not fear, because God has a surprise for us all. I will write about that soon, but right now this is the most important thing I can say: I will not abandon Donald Trump.
Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him at the first sign of trouble. Especially, since God is well able to do a miracle.
I have no personal illusions about my power or influence in this crisis. Donald Trump needs far more than anything I can give him. But what I can do, is write.
The impact of this little blog has shocked me before, and truly―I need it to shock me again. I am praying that what I write here will go well beyond normal channels and into the hearts of many who need to act. Here are my reasons:
1. When the church needed Donald Trump, he was there. He came to our defense at great personal cost. How can we abandon him, now that it might cost us something?
2. Donald Trump knew evil when he saw it. He knew the corrupt and vile leftists that infest Washington. He discerned the evil of the Deep State. He decoded the shameful agenda of the big tech and the media. He abhorred evil and resisted it with every executive order and every appointment to the Supreme Court. How can we not see that it is evil, and only evil, that is trying to control this election?  How can we not see that standing with Trump is to stand against evil? We should be fasting, praying, rebuking, and declaring victory over Satan. We should not be abandoning our post.
3. When things looked impossible, Donald Trump held his ground and continued to confess what he would do—about the economy—about China—about religious freedom. Even when it looked crazy, he would not back down. While his enemies laughed at his promises, Donald Trump simply rolled up his sleeves and did the impossible. Just because we cannot see what that miracle should look like, does not mean we cannot stand with him. Now that he needs a miracle, how can we not stand alongside him and believe for the impossible?
Now you know why I will not abandon Donald Trump. Will you?
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Out of the Fox Den

Fox News. No more!

If you need an alternative, and you do!
I recommend

You will find them online or you may subscribe and stream them to your TV. 

Trump campaign won’t rest until US has honest vote count

Yes, Mr. President! Do NOT give up on us. Keep fighting until the Courts hear! We are standing with you on our knees. May The LORD do justly.

Pray, People.

I heard

I heard.
I am still believing for a miracle and for redemption and salvation for America.
I am still believing the fraud, the lies and the corruption will be exposed and justice will prevail.

Keep praying. Do NOT give up hope and do not believe the lies of the enemy.
Dig into Scripture.
Keep some knee pads handy and use them ceaselessly. 
Pray all legal avenues will be exhausted and when the last is said and done that truth will prevail.
And if it doesn’t, then it will be time for us to apologize to the world.


Day 7

Today. Day 7.
I am thankful for all things Birthday and 44 years of beautiful Baby Girl and family to celebrate!

All Things Birthday! Love. Joy. Cake. Smiles. Laughter. Daughters. Sons. Life and Peace!

Here’s a link to another post written in 2011 in case you would like to read it.
I enjoyed reading it again. 🙂

It’s entitled Birthdays