At this day

Abba, this hurts so much and what hurts more is it is so totally unnecessary.
We are here, at this moment, the day after the Election not knowing who or what next, but knowing that millions of people have voted (either with eyes wide open or closed and deceived) for the slaughter, murder, and mutilation of children to legally continue in America. I can see You taking into account, personally and individually, how this was done. You know their names and You know their dwelling places. And I know You love them still and You desire for them to repent. Holy Spirit, please help them repent before it is too late for them to be made whole.

How You have been so gracious to us since 1973 is a mystery; and yet here we are at this day. 

I don’t know what You do next but I am here asking You to yet save us.
I pray that we, Your Sons and Daughters made so by the Blood of Yeshua, will weep and wail over our own sins and the sins of people around us.
I pray for conviction to fall upon us so heavily that we are broken beneath it in order for us to arise and go forth in power and humility because we have repented in sackcloth and ashes.
I pray for mercy for myself, ABBA, that I will know and experience with You real repentance and surrender to You as my LORD and SAVIOR. Please wash me clean and fill me with Yourself so that I will forever come out from this world; still to be in it as You will, but never a part of it.  I ask You to walk with us through this day and every day following that You give us.  I am so sorry for the murder, the corruption, the apathy, and the spiritual blindness and deceit that has filled this world. I am so sorry for my many contributions and I pray to make amends in JESUS name.

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