Here We Go Again

As LEFT as is the CDC, please read its survival rate percentages for Covid, the best at 99.997% and the worst at 94.6%. I don’t know about you but those sound like better than average odds to me. Even the two vaccines Big Pharma has come up with, neither have odds that good.

And today I heard a Doctor, not America’s Frontline Doctors, this Doctor is still employed. He said 81% of the people who test positive for Covid either have no symptoms at all or mild symptoms that last only a few days.

And even with these survival rate statistics and 81% of all cases being mild or less, some Democrat run States and/or Cities are again implementing unconstitutional lockdowns.

I am not the brightest bulb in the box but I know darkness when I see it.

I am praying logic, common sense, and a backbone of Liberty will grow quickly in more and more Americans.

Liberty will not be voluntarily returned to us.

Please PRAY until GOD moves.

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