Tell Me That Again

We are hounded by people who profess to know that we must wear a piece of cloth over our faces to be safe from the Coronavirus.
Science and common sense agree that a piece of cloth will catch cough and sneeze droplets.
So will the neck of your shirt catch those droplets if you pull it over your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
Otherwise, your lovely face and bright smile can be seen. I miss faces. I miss smiles. I miss
kind humans. 

Aerosols escape when we breathe.
A cold morning proves that.
We are told our aerosols may contain the virus; that is if we are infected and we are strongly encouraged to believe EVERY ONE we meet may be infected. Let’s talk about those aerosols that escape when we breathe. Actually, let’s look at a video.

How about that?
So a mask saves us from droplets but so does the neck of my shirt. And to be sure, there are droplets. I can feel them when they hit my neck and chest every time I sneeze!
The droplets are a non-issue with simple hygiene and the aerosols are not contained by a mask. 

So. Why are people wearing masks?

But I have more questions for mask believers to ponder.

Did you take your temp this morning before you left the house?  Mine was 96.8. No fever there.
Do you exercise at least 3 times a week? Check – most weeks.
Do you eat a mostly plant-based diet? Check
Do you limit processed foods to near nil? Check
Do you drink plenty of water? Check – most days
Do you take immune building supplements, including Vitamin D3 and Zinc? Check. 
Do you use hand sanitizer when you get back in the car from shopping? Check
Do you keep your unwashed hands off your face? Check
Do you do deep breathing exercises often? Check
Do you love and trust JESUS? Check
Does all this say I am not going to get Covid?
NO. (But even if I do, I have a 99.98% chance that I will survive.)
It just means I am living my life and doing what I
reasonably can to stay healthy and relying on my FATHER to do what only He can do: Keep me secure in HIM in this hostile world until He takes me HOME. 

Now tell me again why a piece of cloth on my face that does not stop aerosols is going to keep me or you safer than trusting JESUS and living for His glory?

If you still want to wear a mask. If your personal physician has told you to wear one.
By all means wear it.
But be the
tolerant people you profess to be and stop demanding that I (and others like-minded) wear one. 

P.S. Just think of all those people forced to wear a mask all day long at work (if they get to work), sneezing and coughing and snotting into their masks all day long. And because those masks are such a nuisance and so uncomfortable, countless times a day they touch them, adjust them, pull them down, pull them up WITH THEIR HANDS and then their hands touch what you touch. How safe is that?  

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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