An Opinion Piece

Satan has been given a superhighway in America (and the world I would imagine) to our children: the Public School Systems, from nursery school to acquiring a Ph.D.
More from me following the article (pictures).  

I would to GOD that His adult Children would take Him seriously with the lives of their children and remove them from the clutches of this present public school system (particularly nursery school – high school).
I would rejoice to see Christian teachers leave the public school systems (taking their children) in favor of public-private-like school systems, void of government funds, input, or influence – to give our children a surviving/thriving chance to discover their potentials and excel in a safe environment.

(Now to Christian teachers who have found a way around the corrupt system wherein they work and are consistently able to pray with their students, talk to them about Jesus, share Scripture with them, and are daily speaking LIFE into their students, by all means, stay put.)

I cannot be the only person who dreams of Educational Systems all over this Land largely funded by the People of GOD who love children enough to give their time and money to provide them with facilities of learning, teaching from a Biblical World View. I am not suggesting FREE tuition but affordable tuition; a means for all children whose parents would agree and are seeking a Biblical World View Education, to come and learn.
But until such facilities are available – Homeschooling of various composites is the best option.

I am told by those who do – it can be done.
I expect to every family to whom it is sacrificially important, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY. 

Daniel 1: 17 As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom;  . . .   source 

Anyone who thinks GOD does not care about education – well, that’s not the GOD I know. 

Finally, given the present climate, we cannot expect the established public system to improve – it’s time to create something new, fresh, and brimming with LIFE.

I told you this was an opinion piece. 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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