Particular Reason

Okay. How about another post for this fine Saturday?

Whatever your understanding or dearly held doctrine as to the 7-year Tribulation revealed in the Bible, this offering to you today speaks not in detail to the Tribulation but the Millennium – The Thousand-Year Reign of JESUS on planet earth from His throne in Jerusalem. 
I hope you will give this message your time and that you will receive encouragement, as well as do some rejoicing that the day is coming when ALL people will acknowledge that JESUS IS LORD

As you listen/watch I hope you will notice and rejoice particularly at the reasons why there must be a Millennial reign of Yeshua, The Messiah. One of these reasons, I have believed for decades and it was a delight for me to hear it preached. 
Am I going to tell you here what that one of the reasons is?
No. 🙂
You get to listen/watch and find your particular reason. 

Happy Weekend!

Please know your honest questions are welcome here, via comment or email.

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