Out Loud

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Saints of GOD, we are not alone in this world.
Our LORD GOD is with us.
We are never forsaken by Him, assailants may arise, even family and friends at times grow cold and distant, but we are safe in the warm covering of the LOVE of our Father. 

Speak aloud your requests to Him today.
Pour out your woes to Him. He cares. 1 Peter 5:7
And He is able to make our feet like hinds feet. 
See Habakkuk 3: 16-19.

Here’s a start: 16 When I heard, my whole body trembled, my lips shook at the sound; weakness overcame my limbs, my legs gave way beneath me.
But I wait calmly for the day of trouble, when it comes upon our assailants.  source

This passage is Habakkuk having penned these words to Israel but as His Saints today, The Word of the Holy One of Israel is surely for us too when our souls are beaten, when we are afraid and heartbroken. 

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We have the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to do RIGHT in this WRONG world,

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