Perhaps I’m not the only One

Perhaps I am not the only one grieving what was as it is sinking in that what was shall not return.
The days of ease, the days of creature comforts for the common man, the days of plenty, freedom to go and come and just be – these days are waning. Quickly.

Perhaps I took them for granted.
Perhaps I wasted them.
I do have regrets.

Perhaps I’m not the only one.

The world has been driven mad – forming at the mouth mad – like a rabid dog. 
What I think I am seeing, spiritually speaking, is hordes of rabid dogs off-leash.

How do I protect myself from a rabid dog, Spiritually speaking?

Perhaps I’m not the only one.

May I soon cease to grieve what was and embrace what IS with eyes of faith and the arms of His Love and provision in this Land of Lack.

Perhaps I’m not the only one.

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