Soup’s On

I am giving thanks today for more than I am going to innumerate here. I am a delighted woman. 

Yes. I am grateful for potatoes for soup. 
I had leftover chicken and all the other fixings for chicken pot pie soup – no crust. 🙂
I was chopping and throwing veggies in the pot and thought I need a potato.  I have no potatoes. Who wants to go to the store for 2 potatoes? But JT said he would and as he was leaving the drive – Misfits arrived.  Potatoes! Along with other veggies! 

Soup’s on! 

And later there will be roasted brussel sprouts.
Oh my, are they good with a little olive oil, onions, and carrots, a little spice, and roasted just right! 

We have so many reasons to give thanks. 

Psalm 37:  (CJB) 25 I have been young; now I am old; yet not once have I seen the righteous abandoned
or his descendants begging for bread.
26 All day long he is generous and lends, and his descendants are blessed.

27 If you turn from evil and do good, you will live safely forever.
28 For Adonai loves justice and will not abandon his faithful; they are preserved forever. But the descendants of the wicked will be cut off.  source


And all GOD’s People said Amen.