The Last of 2021

Two Thousand Twenty-One. 
How did it go so quickly I might ask. Another might say I thought it would never be over. 

Yes, we are just hours away from the chiming in of 2022. Would you be offended if I wonder why we make such a big deal of it?
Today is December 31, 2021. 
At midnight it will be January 1, 2022. 
Is it really more than that? 

I remember the turning from December 31, 1999, to January 1, 2000 — we wondered if our banking, utilities, etc. would cease to compute and we would be in mass chaos at the stroke of midnight for the foreseeable future. 
But the dawn came, the sun soon beamed and the birds sang. 
I expect it will be just so come the morning.

Is the turning of a year any more than that – just another day? 
Is it really more than that? 
If we make it so — it is. 

If we embrace the New Day of the New Year as a New Beginning, renewal is more than possible, it’s likely.
I am reminded of Scripture. That
all things are possible with GOD; that His mercies are new every morning. That applies to in the morning for all who awaken to the morning’s light. 
We get to choose GOD or not. 

Let us choose wisely.
The unfolding of our year, our families and our emotional well-being in large portion depends on our choices. 

I borrowed this picture from a Friend’s Facebook Page and offer it here with minor edits.
It’s not profound but I liked the play-on-of-words as we
take off into this new year. 🙂 

The Love of GOD

It’s been a quick December and a different one for us.
Different celebrating this time – it’s been easier, less stress.

The reading of Biblical accounts of People in the Lineage of JESUS (this is our 7th year, but this year it), has been our focus. Today will be number 24.

Our Jesse tree (Isaiah 11:10) again this year has been a heart-warming pleasure in our living area.
White lights, white tree, delicate white paper ornaments, and the reading of Scripture with applications for each day’s hanging of the ornament.
Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, A Family Celebration of Christmas by Ann Voskamp.
There’s been no rushing around for presents; a little knitting here and there and grab an outfit or two (while general shopping at the box store I will not name 🙂 ) for Little Ones so very dear, and, of course, online works from the comfort of home.  

And so this has been our December. 
And today the customary dishes are in prep for a family gathering tomorrow – LORD willing. 

And today, JT and I bring YOU a Greeting of Peace and Joy because of Immanuel.
It is our hope you are remembering the Baby in a Manger was GOD incarnate, born likely not on December 25 but surely born for us.
And as you remember the Baby Yeshua, don’t miss the greater miracle — The GODMAN who died and rose again to save wretched sinners like us from ourselves, sin, hell, and the grave. 

Traditions of men – we must be careful with them that they do not blind us or distract us from The LOVE and HOLINESS of GOD. 

May The LORD of GLORY be pleased, honored, and glorified with and in our gatherings. 

Until we meet again ~~~