Evidence. I am giving thanks for evidence. 
Evidence. Such a wonderful gift! 

Life is evidence. Evidence that GOD is. 

Here life is spouting again. 
A stalk of celery. Seeds were planted, they spouted and matured, and then came the harvest; cleaned and bagged and delivered to me; washed, cut and stored away – all but the base.

Water and sunshine. And life begins again. 

Genesis 1: 11 God said, “Let the earth put forth grass, seed-producing plants, and fruit trees, each yielding its own kind of seed-bearing fruit, on the earth”; and that is how it was. 12 The earth brought forth grass, plants each yielding its own kind of seed, and trees each producing its own kind of seed-bearing fruit; and God saw that it was good. source

And today His Plan is still operating and it shall continue. 
Popular as the strivings of man may be — NO ONE overthrows GOD. 

And for this, I give much thanks! 

May my celery remind you that you may be cut down and thought to be stored away BUT GOD gives new life, new growth, and second chances!