A Wedding Invitation

John 2

There was a wedding and JESUS was invited!
He and His disciples.
Obviously, His mother was well familiar with the family and much respected. 

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”  source 

She told those who were serving the wine at the wedding: “Do whatever He tells you.”  And they did!

How many weddings have you gone to as a guest (perhaps she was more than just a guest) and told the catering service what to do and they did?
And did you notice the confidence she had in her Son?
Do whatever He tells you to do! 

Interestingly at least to me, the first place recorded for us that YESHUA brought forth a miracle was a wedding.

A wedding He was invited to attend.
Please notice He accepted the invitation.

Today, how many weddings do you think He is invited to attend?
I mean really invited to — like please come, LORD, make Yourself at home here.
Your Presence here will not embarrass us.
Your Presence will not make us think twice about anything we have planned — we want YOU here.

And to all those weddings He was not invited to; perhaps it’s not too late and He can be invited to the marriage.
I highly recommend Him!

This makes me smile!
I hope it’s a sweet thought for you too. 

2 thoughts on “A Wedding Invitation

  1. Oh what a precious difference He makes when He is invited to the wedding! Thanking God for my Godly husband today and am so grateful we invited Him to our wedding.

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