BUT . . .

 Matthew 14

In verse 12, YESHUA is told by John’s disciples that John is dead. John was beheaded. Because he preached repentance, he was beheaded. 

In verse 13 we learned when JESUS heard this He intended to go to a place where He could be alone.
The GODMAN was affected by this news.
Deeply moved by this news.
Moved enough He desired to be alone.
No doubt in my mind He wanted concentrated time to pray and perhaps reminisce days with His cousin. BUT. 

13 On hearing about this, Yeshua left in a boat to be by himself in the wilderness. But the people learned of it and followed him from the towns by land.
14 So when he came ashore, he saw a huge crowd; and, filled with compassion for them, he healed those of them who were sick. source

He wanted to be alone.
He didn’t FEEL like having a crowd of people around Him BUT 

Look what he did. Read it again. 

He was FILLED WITH COMPASSION for them and He healed those who were sick. 

O to be like our Savior!
When we FEEL bad. When we FEEL sad. When we FEEL hurt.

When we are needed; when we see people we have been enabled to help — let us be FILLED with HIM and not ourselves. 
It’s tough but with practice yielding to HOLY SPIRIT, we can get better at it.

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