Luke 5

Crowds. Everywhere. 
Needy people everywhere.

16. However, He made a practice of withdrawing to remote places in order to pray.   source

Have you noticed what I have noticed? 
When a man or woman’s ministry takes off – they often spend less and less time in prayer?
Why? Because there is so much to do. 
JESUS didn’t do it that way.
And who of us has more to do than JESUS did?!!

At the beginning of the chapter, he and others had been fishing — all night. 
And they had not caught a single fish! When YESHUA walked up they were cleaning their nets. 

And what does JESUS say to them? 

Put out into deep water, and let down your nets for a catch.”  Verse 4. 

More rowing for tired men.

But hear Peter: “We’ve worked hard all night long, Rabbi, and haven’t caught a thing! 
But if you say, so, I’ll let down the nets.”

And he did. 
And they filled up TWO boats to almost sinking.

Even when we are tired. Even when it seems not so smart – cause we have already done that. 
Obedience to JESUS always brings results! Good results. 

This happening actually frightened the men.  BUT
They left EVERYTHING and followed JESUS.

Good move, Guys! 

2 thoughts on “DeepWater

  1. Obedience is the key. Our way is NEVER the best way.
    A life of prayer is imperative to keep us obediently walking the Highway To Holiness.

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