What Evidence Do We Have?

Ephesians 6 what a powerful chapter! 

How much difficulty do you have believing there are two spiritual realms? 
GOD and His angelic host. And
Satan and his hordes of unholy beings.

If you have read Chapters of the Gospels you have read JESUS and His disciples expelled demons from people.

Do you have difficulty believing people today are demon-possessed?

Consider this with me? 
Obviously, the demonic world was alive and active when JESUS was here in His flesh and bone body – He said so. 
They spoke to Him and He spoke back.  Mark 5:1-20,Luke 8:26-39

We also have JESUS telling us this: 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.   in John 10:10. Did He lie? That’s a ludicrous question, isn’t it?

So since they were then, what evidence do we have that they are not now? 

And if there are no evil forces to contend with, why did GOD move Paul to pen what He did in Ephesians 6?

Why did he instruct us to put on the full armor of GOD? 
For what do we need armor if there is no enemy?

Why does verse 12 tell us our enemies are not flesh and blood (meaning each other) but . . . principalities, . . . powers, . . . the rulers of the darkness of this world, . . . spiritual wickedness in high places.

Why are we told in verse 13 to take up every piece of war equipment GOD provides, if there is no enemy? 

What will it take to convince you there are real, live demonic beings on mission to steal, kill and destroy you

What will it take to get you to put on the ARMOR of GOD?

Verses 14 through 18 describe this Armor.

Let me give you a KWT paraphrase — you can get your own copy of the Bible and read or use one of the links on this page.

To our very CORE (gut) we must know the TRUTH – GOD’s Truth and to know His Truth we must know His Scripture. 
Breastplate – you know what a breastplate is, right?
That black heart we were born with must be replaced with RIGHTEOUSNESS.
The RIGHTEOUSNESS of JESUS. He must by His Holy Spirit be living, ruling on the inside of us. 

Feet. Our walking around life – our daily lives must be marked (buckled up, tied, velcroed) with the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, the PRINCE of PEACE.
A shield. Not just any shield but the SHIELD of FAITH.
For what? To quench fiery darts!
Who is firing those darts? Demons.
Some translations say, the devil. Either way, they are evil and out to get us. 

Helmet of Salvation. How much explanation does this need? We have to know that we know that we know we have been saved (delivered) by The LORD JESUS CHRIST. 
And then there is our ONE defensive weapon The Sword – THE WORD of GOD.
Again we have to be well familiar with that SWORD to wield it well, defeating the demons with it and NOT our brothers and sisters. 

GOT IT? Good! 

A final thought: This is a real war with real enemies. How do I know when I encounter an enemy with no skin on his face? They are all the opposite of God. So as people who are trained to recognize counterfeit bills study the real thing, so we must study GOD if we want to recognize the enemy.

2 thoughts on “What Evidence Do We Have?

  1. Oh sister! I pray that anyone who reads this will begin to look at the world differently. I pray the will put their armor on and NEVER take it off. I pray they will check it every day to make sure it is properly in place. I pray that once their armor is properly fitted and in place they will pray with all their might against the demonic spiritual realm that seeks to steal, kill and destroy!
    There is a REAL enemy and praise be to God we have what we need to overcome the enemy, our Father to pray to who is watching over us, our Redeemer, Jesus, who saves us and intercedes for us and the Holy Spirit who dwells in us and a way to communicate with our Commander In Chief through prayer at all times.
    We are well equipped and prepared to withstand the onslaught of the enemy IF we use and embrace what we are given. If not, we are sitting ducks for the enemy.

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