Excellent Storm Prep


What do we do when a storm is headed our way?

Let’s see.  We tune in to those who have expertise in the science of weather. 
We take in supplies. 
We batten down the hatches so to speak – secure outside objects that could be tossed about and cause damage. 
Some of us do up the laundry. We charge our phones. We locate our flashlights. 
And if we have a generator, we check our supply of fuel. 

We do all this because we believe a storm is headed our way. 

In other words, we take the threat seriously.

A temporal storm that will cause temporal damage to temporal property. 
However, in all this temporal there is the eternal to be considered. 

While a rain, thunder, and wind storm is a temporal occurrence and it may affect, damage, even destroy temporal property; it can do more — it can permanently end this temporal journey on planet earth for you, me, and/or the people we love. 
Then what? 

When a temporal event brings eternity into view — what then?

How do we prepare for the everlasting storm? 
It’s not one, One really wants to ride out, is it? 

Hell, I mean. The everlasting storm. 

Have you listened to The Expert about this eternal firestorm?
Have you as did the Five wise virgins purchased all the Oil you need to keep your lamp burning so the storm will pass you by? (I am referring to Matthew 25)

It’s important that we prepare, don’t you think? 

I suspect that many of you have exchanged your sins for the Righteousness of JESUS and I am rejoicing with you! 

IF, however, you have not and IF you can still HEAR the Voice of HOLY SPIRIT convicting you of your sins and your need of The Savior — that’s excellent!
It’s not too late for you — you can today, repent, trust and receive forgiveness, assurance, and deliverance in JESUS’ NAME. 

Allow me to give you an excellent link to an 
excellent illustration that has been an excellent help to me. Click HERE.

Yes. There is a temporal storm headed our way tonight and I am working on the laundry and my phone is charging — Ipad too.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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