Not Kidding

Looking at some posts from years ago, I think I should tell you some things change; GOD is not one of them (Hebrews 13:8) — HE does not change but He does change me.

I hope you can say the same.  (Romans 12:2)

So, from time to time some posts may go missing.  Others may remain with a modification or two — as I find them that is.  Twelve years of writing is a lot to cover.  Not kidding. 

Love, Kathie 

Ooops. Recount. That’s 15 years here at WordPress. 2007 – 2022 (so far). 🥰

2 thoughts on “Not Kidding

  1. Twelve years of faithfulness to our Lord. Twelve years of deep introspection, exploration of Gods magnificent word, application of Gods word to your life, sharing teachings with the world, relying on the Spirit to lead and guide. Twelve years of prophetic utterances, affirmations, confirmations and reproof when needed. Twelve years of inspiration from a dear, precious woman of God. NOT KIDDING!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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